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24 June 2011

Why I left the Spectator

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I had not intended to say any more about my decision to transfer my blog from the Spectator to my own site. However, some ill-informed and even vicious speculation has started to appear about my move, which I therefore feel I have no option but to correct.

As I previously said, I want to expand and develop my own website, and housing my blog there is certainly part of that process. But the reason why I decided to bring this forward and resign from the Spectator with immediate effect was because of the apology it has published to Alastair Crooke over a blog post I wrote earlier this year.

For legal reasons, I cannot go into the details. Suffice it to say the apology misrepresented my post and has thus given rise to the false assumptions that are now being published. Those interested to learn more can do so in the update on this CiF Watch post, the original quote from which led to this apology.

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