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sjp-anti-israel-rally-bloody-flag-and-trump-sign-768x576 Israel USA 

The fascists of the left

So-called “progressive” Jews think that the major threat to the Jews and humanity in general comes from a few thousand neo-Nazis and white supremacists, while all who organise against them are by definition on the same side as the Jewish people, anti-racism and civilised values. Really? As William Jacobson reports here, the antifa are joining up with Israel-haters to defame Zionists as Nazis and Israel as a “white supremacist” country. This despite the fact that some three quarters of Israeli citizens are not of Caucasian origin; more than half of…

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Truth Vanquishing Falsehood; Alfred Stevens, 1867-8 USA 

Those non-existent fraudulent voters are, well, mounting up

Remember Donald Trump’s claim that the only reason Hillary Clinton won more popular votes in the election than he did was because of voter fraud? Remember the way he was howled down on the grounds that there was no evidence that a single vote had been fraudulently cast? Remember how Trump doubled down on his claim, and how this was said to provide yet further proof of his lying nature? Well, guess what – an inquiry by the Republican Speaker of the New Hampshire House Shawn Jasper has discovered that…

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Jews misread America’s cultural civil war

The cultural civil war that has now exploded in America is an immensely dangerous moment for the west. It is also perilous for the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Yet in both Israel and the diaspora, too many Jews just don’t get it. They are parroting instead the double-dealing and hypocritical pieties of their mortal enemies. After Charlottesville, Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin wrote a letter expressing “support and solidarity” with the American Jewish community “at this difficult time”. Jewish students in America run a permanent gauntlet of left-wing…

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apocalypse USA 

How totalitarianism is winning in the west

Credit to the left-leaning Atlantic magazine for running a piece by Peter Beinart, who has actually looked at what is happening in American society and reached an uncomfortable conclusion which would be hard to find elsewhere in the media – and which is all-too pertinent in the wake of Charlottesville. For Beinart warns that the left is lurching into totalitarianism and violence. “Antifa” purport to be anti-fascist. But they define as fascist anyone they disagree with including mainstream conservatives. Hence their violent suppression of commentators and scholars such as the…

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american-civil-war USA 

America’s cultural civil war

Trump’s response was indeed inadequate. Much more worrying, though, was what actually happened. For this was not, as widely portrayed, a clash between fascists and anti-fascists. It was between two groups each of which perpetrate hatred and intolerance, stand against freedom and seek to impose their views of society and human nature by force. As US president, he inescapably delineates the contours of what is socially acceptable and what is beyond the pale. He should therefore have specifically denounced white supremacism as having no place in American society. At the…

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apocalypse USA 

Violent left-wingers are the alt-right’s useful idiots

President Trump has been on the defensive over his remarks about the disturbances in Charlottesville, Virginia, at the weekend. Clashes between fascist types and their opponents over the city’s removal of confederate monuments turned deadly when a presumed white supremacist drove a car into the counter-demonstrators, killing one person and injuring many others. In response, Trump condemned the “hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides”. His failure until yesterday to single out the white supremacists for censure has provoked a storm of criticism, not least from Republicans. Trump’s response was…

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Trump was wrong, but America is being torn between twin evils

What happened yesterday in Charlottesville, Virginia was dreadful and frightening on several levels. The first shocking thing was just the very sight of neo-Nazis and white supremacists openly parading with swastika flags, demonstrating their bigoted, hateful and violent ideology. The next horrible thing was the violence that broke out between the neo-Nazis and counter-demonstrators. It’s unclear who started it, but there is evidence that at least some of it was unprovoked on both sides. There was then a shocking car-ramming terrorist attack against anti-Nazi demonstrators which killed one person and…

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king-and-queen-of-hearts USA 

Verdict first, evidence to follow?

Alan Dershowitz is a prominent legal scholar and former Harvard professor of law renowned for his notable defence of both the State of Israel and OJ Simpson. He is also a long-standing supporter of the Democratic party. His views have been firmly situated on the liberal side of politics. Now that side has turned viciously upon him. As he explains here, he had expressed grave reservations about the decision by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to empanel a 23-strong grand jury in the District of Columbia in his probe into possible…

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jackie-walker Britain USA 

Lionising the fringe elements

What happens to someone if they’re lynched? They’re set upon by a bunch of thugs and and murdered. Do you think someone who’s been lynched will then turn up on stage in their own show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe? No, neither do I. Well here’s a strange thing then. Jackie Walker, who should have been thrown out of the Labour Party over vile remarks about Israel and the Jews but wasn’t thrown out after all, has been appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe in a one-woman show called The Lynching,…

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General Joseph L. Votel, U.S. Central Command Commander, meets members of the Lebanese Armed Forces during his visit to the Amchit military base August 23, 2016 USA 

Has Trump been suckered into empowering Iran?

There was always a terrible risk that in prioritising the defeat of Isis the US would end up empowering Iran – whose proxy, Syria’s President Assad, is an Isis foe. This is precisely what Israel is concerned has now happened in Syria, where the Israelis fear Iran is now establishing a beachhead. They also fear that Iran is building an arms factories in southern Lebanon, a country controlled by Iran’s proxy Hezbollah. This is why Israel opposed the Syrian ceasefire brokered by the US and Russia which perpetuates Iran’s military…

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