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Minerva and Mercury protecting Painting against Ignorance and Calumny; Simon de Vos, 1603-1676 Britain Culture wars 

Brexit and the abuse of cultural power

Nearly 40 prominent economists, lawyers, philosophers, historians, scientists and policy experts have formed a “Brains for Brexit” campaign to counter claims that Leave voters are idiots and challenge the intellectual distortions in the argument. Yet some academics say they are too frightened of career-ending repercussions to join the group. Similar anxieties have been expressed by Artists 4 Brexit, a group of creatives and performers who think the arts will thrive outside the EU. They fear that if they “come out” they’ll be dropped from commissions or galleries. What views are…

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dr-jordan-peterson Culture wars 

Defenders of free speech have a new prophet

If you want to know what the culture war is about, look no farther than the spectacular eruption in Britain during the past few days over Jordan Peterson, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto. For Peterson, who reportedly holds many liberal views, the concern is not over transgender issues or pay gaps or any of today’s causes. It is rather that truth and freedom are now under assault from neo-Marxism, which defines everything in terms of relativism and power and which has taken over the universities. The threat…

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hermaphroditus-roman-copy-of-greek-2nd-centuryrestored-1619-by-david-larique Culture wars 

How feminists have weaponised androgyny

The culture war now raging over issues such as women’s pay, transgender or inappropriate sexual contact graphically illustrates the phenomenon I identified two decades ago. I wrote a book called The Sex-Change Society: Feminised Britain and the Neutered Male. In this, I argued that the contract between the sexes had been destroyed, that women’s equality was being confused with identical outcomes, and that masculinity was being run out of town altogether with men being reduced to little more than sperm donors, walking wallets and occasional au-pairs. You’ll doubtless be amazed…

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Liberty Leading the People;Eugene Delacroix, 1830 Culture wars 

Idiocy and intimidation in Britain’s culture war

The culture war now openly raging in Britain continues to plumb ever deeper levels of idiocy and intimidation. The BBC was convulsed last week when Carrie Gracie, its China Editor, resigned over her claim that she was not being paid the same as other BBC foreign affairs editors who happened to be men. Her protest was on behalf of all BBC women employees who weren’t being paid the same as men doing the same jobs. An admirable resignation, then, on a point of principle? Well, not exactly. For she hadn’t…

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snowstorm Culture wars 

Colder is warmer. But of course

You know how anthropogenic global warming proponents have said for the past quarter of a century that higher carbon dioxide levels mean the atmosphere is catastrophically heating up and the planet is going to fry? You know how some AGW proponents predicted that “snow is starting disappear from our lives”? You know how “inconvenient truther” Al Gore said back in 2009 that snow and ice were melting much faster than anticipated? Well, now warmists are claiming the the extreme cold and heavy snowfall on the US east coast are being…

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guardian-angel-blog-pic Culture wars 

Guardian Angel

I am excited to tell you that Guardian Angel, my personal and political memoir, is being published in paperback in the US on January 30 by Bombardier. Through the story of my transformation from darling of the left to embattled culture warrior, I chart the profound changes that have engulfed British and western society — and which led directly to the Brexit vote in Britain and the election of Donald J Trump as President of the United States. Here’s a flavour: “When I started writing about the baleful effects of…

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secular Culture wars 

Western derangement syndrome

One of the most disturbing features of current discourse is the increasing level on both sides of the political aisle of utter irrationality and loss of any sense of proportion. This seems to be manifesting itself in particular over three issues. On Britain’s departure from the EU, the Remainers seemed to lose the plot from the referendum result onwards. They have consistently stated that, as a result of Brexit, the British economy would collapse. Today, faced with evidence that the economy is in fact doing quite well they state the…

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inquiries Culture wars 

The sexual inquisition is about vengeance not justice

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri opens in the UK next month. The plot revolves around a woman called Mildred Hayes whose daughter has been raped and murdered. Ultimately, this is a film about forgiveness and redemption. People are redeemed not only if they repent for the harm they have done but also if they forgive those who have hurt them. This is not to say that bad deeds can be brushed aside. The film certainly makes no excuses for rape or murder. Some of the men being accused at the…

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spectre-over-los-the-emanation-of-the-giant-albion-william-blake-1804-1820 Culture wars 

The deconstruction of humanity

If you want a break from the spectacle of Britain tearing itself apart over leaving the European Union, you can upset yourself instead watching the spectacle of the western world tearing apart the very notion of what it is to be a human being. The knee-jerk bullying, victim-group sectarianism and repudiation of reason itself over transgenderism defy belief. The Times (£) reports that a lesbian Labour party women’s officer was allegedly subjected to months of harassment as a “Terf” — a derogatory term for “trans exclusionary radical feminist” – because…

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king-and-queen-of-hearts Culture wars 

The lurch into cultural fascism

Both Britain and America appear to be lurching into a kind of cultural fascism. Roy Moore, the controversial Republican nominee in the Alabama Senate race, has been accused by Leigh Corfman and three other women that he made sexual overtures to them when he was in his 30s and they were between the ages of 14 and 18. These claims may or may not be true. At present, we don’t know. But that hasn’t stopped Moore’s fellow Republicans from behaving as if they’re the regime of a banana republic. Presumption…

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