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  • 6 September 2004

    Suddenly, a far-away country about which most of us know little has shot to the very forefront of our minds and consciences. In a new century already steeped in horror, what happened at the Russian school in Beslan plumbs new depths of barbarity.

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 30 August 2004

    We journalists spend much of our lives highlighting the iniquities and other intolerable acts visited by our fellow human beings upon each other. So much is, sadly, all too necessary. What we are much less good at, however, is showing the good that people do.

    Published in: Jewish Chronicle

  • 19 August 2004

    The complete archive of articles is now live on this site. Use the archive menu on the left-hand side to browse.

    Published in: Miscellaneous

  • 9 August 2004

    After all the trouble with the MMR vaccine, you would think that the government would bend over backwards to prevent another crisis of confidence the next time it decided to introduce a new vaccine for children.

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 5 August 2004

    Only a woman at the very pinnacle of her profession could dare say this.

    According to Professor Carol Black, president of the prestigious Royal College of Physicians, the medical profession is in danger of losing power and influence because it is becoming dominated by too many women.

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 2 August 2004

    The assault upon parents and the corresponding attempts to nationalise childhood have just been ratcheted up another notch.

    The Department of Health has issued new guidance telling doctors that they can provide abortions for children under the age of sexual consent without telling their parents.

    When 14 year-old M

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 27 July 2004

    Readers can now use the RSS feed to syndicate all articles with their favourite RSS client or service.

    Published in: Miscellaneous

  • 26 July 2004

    Other countries do national memorials. Britain does national deb

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 23 July 2004

    The catastrophe in Sudan is an unspeakable horror. But the terrible humanitarian tragedy now unfolding before our eyes on our TV screens has a long and violent history.

    Since the eighties, some three million Sudanese have been slaughtered and a further four million turned into refugees.

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 19 July 2004

    On Wednesday, it will be the tenth anniversary of Tony Blair's leadership of the Labour party. The Prime Minister will mark this milestone with his back to the wall.

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 13 July 2004

    Next week, Lord Butler will publish his eagerly awaited report on the use of intelligence on Iraq. Already, pre-emptive strikes and counter-strikes are whistling around his head.

    Published in: Jewish Chronicle

  • 13 July 2004

    When this Labour government first came to office, the promise that it said mattered more than anything else was to raise education standards.

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 7 July 2004

    The compromise over smacking that was reached in the House of Lords is the thin end of a very large wedge.

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 5 July 2004

    Three cheers for Mrs Justice Bracewell for injecting the first real note of sanity into the family courts for many years.

    The judge has ordered that two little girls aged nine and seven be taken from their divorced mother and sent to live instead with their father, after the mother had persistently thwarted a court orde

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 2 July 2004

    Once again, evidence has surfaced this week of the astonishing power of the extreme feminist lobby within government. Once again, we observe its obsession with getting more and more men convicted of rape.

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 1 July 2004

    In Michael Mooreland, President Bush is a moronic cowboy, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were corrupt, there was no threat to America from terrorism, and the only person who can see the truth is

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 28 June 2004

    The issue of who was responsible for the failures of policing that led to the Soham murders has now mutated into something entirely different: a major, set-piece confrontation between the Home Secretary and a police authority over who should control the police.

    This week, the Home Secretary David Blunkett will go to cou

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 23 June 2004

    The biggest thing in this colossal book is the subject himself, David Trimble, who is revealed as a very big man indeed. Quite simply, the Northern Ireland peace process would not have happened without him, nor would it have continued.

    Published in: Miscellaneous

  • 21 June 2004

    The debate over the new EU constitution, says Tony Blair, will be a 'battle between reality and myth'. He never said a truer word. The problem is that he will be denying the reality and propounding the myth.

    The myth is that the constitution protects Britain's powers as an independent self-governing nation.

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 20 June 2004

    To the anti-war lobby, it was cause for jubilation. 'No Qa'eda-Iraq tie', crowed The New York Times. 'White House misled the world over Saddam', exulted our own Independent.

    Published in: Sunday Telegraph

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Melanie Phillips is a British journalist and author. She is best known for her controversial column about political and social issues which currently appears in the Daily Mail. Awarded the Orwell Prize for journalism in 1996, she is the author of All Must Have Prizes, an acclaimed study of Britain's educational and moral crisis, which provoked the fury of educationists and the delight and relief of parents.

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