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  • 30 April, 2012

    At last, a member of the judiciary has broken ranks to warn of a social disaster that has taken place on the courts’ own watch.

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 26 April, 2012

    To judge from what we are reading and hearing almost every day at the moment, it would seem Britain is in the throes of a war of religion. A war, that is, between religion and atheism.

    Published in: Standpoint

  • 24 April, 2012

    The great grand-daddy of the man-made global warming scam, the fifth horseman of the eco-apocalypse James Lovelock, has now recanted. Well, sort of. Don’t get too excited.

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 23 April, 2012

    As any responsible parent knows, the internet has introduced a vile new hazard into the upbringing of children.

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 22 April, 2012

    In the event, Denmark pulled back from the brink. Following my piece here a few days ago about the witch-hunt against the President of the Danish Free Press society Lars Hedegaard, the Danish Supreme Court ruled last Friday that he was not guilty after all of hate speech and racism – the second time he has been acquitted of this charge in a roller-coaster of a case which has stained Denmark’s reputation for justice, free speech and common-sense.

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 17 April, 2012

    In decadent Europe, freedom of speech is dying. Loudly trumpeted as a ‘human right’ for any attacks on America, Israel, Christians or on the core values of the west, it is swiftly transformed into ‘hate speech’ and the shutters are slammed down on the speaker whenever Islam is in the frame.

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 16 April, 2012

    The sound of ministerial retreat is once again loud in the land. It appears that in the face of gathering outrage, the Government is rethinking its Budget proposal to cap tax relief on charitable donations.

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 10 April, 2012

    A poll of voters in the south London borough of Bromley, taken by the Times (£) to gauge support for Labour’s Ken Livingstone and the Conservatives’ Boris Johnson in the London Mayoral contest, is fascinating – not just for what those polled were saying about the two candidates but also about the Tory Prime Minister, David Cameron.

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 9 April, 2012

    The triumphant grin said it all. When Trenton Oldfield was pulled out of the Thames and arrested after he deliberately swam into the path of the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race in order to halt it, he knew he had achieved his aim.

    Published in: Daily Mail

  • 2 April, 2012

    The general response to George Galloway’s sensational victory in the Bradford West by-election has missed the point by a mile.

    Published in: Daily Mail

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