Melanie Phillips

America's Social Revolution

By Melanie Phillips
81 pages, (September 2001)
ivitas: Institute for the Study of Civil Society , ISBN: 1-903386-15-2

Britain suffers from apparently intractable social problems: crime, family breakdown, welfare dependency and educational failure. None of our political parties appears to have any idea of how to break into these cycles of anti-social behaviour and low achievement. Although the United States suffers from very similar social problems, the debate there has been more open. Experiments with school choice have raised education standards; accountable policing schemes have reduced crime; and, above all, initiatives designed to shore up the two-parent family have started to win people back to the importance of marriage and traditional family life. Melanie Phillips visited America to investigate whether these schemes were having an effect - and whether it is possible to drag a society back from the brink of collective suicide. This book is the account of what she found there: the development of a social revolution.

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Melanie Phillips is a British journalist and author. She is best known for her controversial column about political and social issues which currently appears in the Daily Mail. Awarded the Orwell Prize for journalism in 1996, she is the author of All Must Have Prizes, an acclaimed study of Britain's educational and moral crisis, which provoked the fury of educationists and the delight and relief of parents.

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